Diversity & Inclusion

Can you keep the human biases away from your recruitment?

Skillate’s automated solutions minimize human bias in your recruitment process to ensure that candidates are hired only on the basis of their merit.

How we help you do it

Masking Personal Information

Skillate allows you to mask Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like name, email, phone, photo, gender, religion, ethnicity to ensure that there is no bias in the interview process.

Masking Personal Information
Reports on Hiring Pattern

Reports on Hiring Pattern

Skillate reveals your current hiring trends based on gender, ethnicity, age, geography, etc. to highlight any existing biases in the system.

Ranking on Skills

The Skillate system ensures that the candidates are stack ranked on the basis of their skill, education, and experience only, ensuring that there is no human bias involved.

Ranking on Skills
More Inclusive System

More Inclusive System

Minimizing manual intervention in the recruiting process results in an overall increase in the diversity of recruits and a more inclusive recruiting system.



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